People get the meerkat experience

People get the meerkat experience

A sloth trundles around on some branches

Fred points at some sloth action

A bird does its intimidation dance at a sloth

A small monkey with a very long tail

A tortoise experience occurs

Harry looks around

Harry gets up close to a tortoise

A small coiled green constrictor snake

A meerkat is on sentry duty

Fred pretends to be a scary animal of some sort

Harry peers at some sad monkeys

A sea lion has a swim

Sea lions thrash around in the water

A dozing cat gives the hairy eyeball

A furry and chunky cat

Fred takes a photo of the one-eyed snow leopard

Harry looks at an infomation board

One of the grown-up tiger cubs prowls around

Fred tries to get a photo

A tiger gets close to Harry

Another tiger hangs around

Pink flamingos in the rain

A camel sticks its head out into the rain

Narry by the camel enclosure

There's a talk at the sea lion enclosure

A sealion does some porpoising

A sea lion leaps out of the water

The boys look at something in a tank

We see a giant red-legged millipede

More stuff in tanks

The painted gorilla outside the café

Harry opens a can of Tango

The boys in the café

Harry walks along a brick wall

Fred looks at a bird

Harry goes head-to-head with a bird in a cage

The boys by the owl enclosures

A Great Grey Owl looks askance

Harry and Fred in the trees

A giraffe skeleton

A giraffe stands with its head in the rain

Harry looks at a giraffe

A zoo buggy trundles around in the lashing rain

We're back in the café area

A pair of goats

Harry checks the cow for milk

The boys on the Fergie TE120

Harry drives a Little Grey Fergie

Harry stands on the tractor

We stop in the gift shop to buy more things

Fred on the anti-bird-flu disinfectant mat

The Banham Barrel - home of many a BBs gig

The Barrel's camping field is now a housing estate