Harry, Isobel and Fred wait to cross the road

Harry, Isobel and Fred wait to cross the road

The boys take up their default positions

A fixer-upper house behind the apartment

The impressive Fastolff House on Regent Street

Snuggling zebra and piles of rubbish

Isobel and Harry explore one of the famous Rows

A Polski Sklep actually has a product called Crap

Part of the impressive George V Post Office

Graffiti Lou Reeds seem to be around everywhere

Isobel and Harry in front of the Post Office

Another great Edwardian building on Hall Quay

The imposing, but derelict, Star Hotel

Our apartment for the night, in Lloyds Bank

The kitchen/dining room/lounge and bedroom 3

The Prince Regent on the top of Regent Road

An optimistic poster on a windy beach

A curious oilrig support vessel sits offshore

The Funland family diner is boarded up for winter

Fred does a cube in the Lion and Herring

We eat fish and chips on Trafalgar Road

Fred and Isobel in the chipper

The arts-and-crafts Municipal School of Art, 1912

A very derelict terraced house

The sky is filled with a starling murmuration

More starling murmurations

We return to the apartment for an hour

The town council offices are nicely lit up

Leisureland amusements on Marine Parade

We walk the strip on Marine Parade

The Hippodrome has its original Edwardian urinals

Signs on the bog wall

The Christmas Spectacular kicks off

Acrobats from Spain do their thing

There's some super-fast juggling

The rope acrobats finsh their routine

Miami Flow, from Cuba

Isobel and Harry up in the circle

World-record UK cyclist Andrei Burton

Andrei Burton does a standing jump on his bike

Miami Flow are back in action

The stage turns into an actual swimming pool

Synchronised swimming in the arean

Some impressive precision acrobatics

The show reaches an impressive finale

Isobel and Fred get drinks and snacks

Che Guevara on a shop

An interesting building is hidden behind the flat

Harry does a bit more tablet

A view out of the apartment window

Fred on the stairs in the Lloyds Bank building

The back alley down the side of the bank

Part of the mediaeval wall

A bit of the wall references King John

The J Tower Curing Works from 1880

More of the extensive mediaeval wall

Yarmouth scary pub: The Recruit

The boys are in the sand dunes

A derelict pub on South Beach Parade

The Britannia Monument and Monument Road

More Yarmouth dereliction

Isobel and Harry look out to sea

South Beach Parade in the rain

The resurrected Lacons Brewery on Main Cross Road

There's some quality parking in Morrisons

Isobel looks for cheesecake

Harry and Isobel in Morrisons