Isobel places an order in Lime Tree Café

Isobel places an order in Lime Tree Café

An LED café sign in the window

Our café stop for an early lunch

The Market Place in Stowmarket

Looking up Bury Street

The derelict Stannards on Tavern Street

A car wash that won't burn all the skin off

Will is Abanazer

Soph the Roph is Aladdin

Isobel gives it some with a dance move

Abenazer consults his magic disco ball

Suzanne steps in at the last minute as Twanky

Isobel and Suzanne aren't reading from the script

There's some more dancing

The Emperor makes an appearance

Soph and Millie as Aladdin and the princess

Sophie and Harry do some pouting

The Emperor gets locked up

Suzanne's in Wishy Washy's laundrette

The Genie of the Lamp appears

There's an intermission game of heads-and-tails

The Genie of the Lamp again

Millie has changed into actual princess stuff

There's a panda on stage

Isobel dances like an Egyptian

Sophie's in the guillotine

Harry and his posse are in cunning disguise

Isobel does more dancing

There's an arms-up moment

Harry and Isobel are singing

The lamp Genie addresses the audience

Aladdin and the princess on stage

The cast take a finale bow

Fred and the band are on stage too

Isobel chats after the panto wraps up

More post-panto chatting

There's a sparrow in the frozen hedge

Another sparrow is fluffed up against the cold

There's freezing fog over the side field

Frost-tinged leaves in the garden