A telephone exchange on Sawmills Road

A telephone exchange on Sawmills Road

The Bleak House roundabout

The giant backwards clock is still there

A derelict bungalow

The train from Norwich to London pulls in to Diss

Diss station is still doing its thing

The car park has been mysteriously halved

Only Kebabs and Burgers outside Chigley Pigs

The train to Norwich on Platform 2

The car is ready for collection at Desira

Emmaus arrives to take away some furniture

Stuff is ready to go

It's time to do some green tomato chutney

Isobel tries some shoes on in Go Outdoors

A K6 phonebox hidden away near St. Peter Mancroft

Extreme cleaning on the tower of St. Peter Mancroft

We wait for a table in Kimchi restaurant

Isobel looks around

Our Korean food arrives

A view of the old CEYMS on Brigg Street

Intu/Chapelfield/whatever is all sparkly

Some sort of smell/lights combo

More Christmas lights on Chapelfield

St. Stephen's church

Looking back at Chapelfield

The Haymarket is fairly quite

A wet Gentleman's Walk

Grandad's cupboard of random dead electricals

Grandad's lounge really is empty now

A last daytime view out of Grandad's flat

Harry and Isobel in the Oaksmere

Harry attacks his Eton Mess

Isobel comes back from the bogs

We chat to the chef on the way out

Fred in front of the stage at Gislingham

Ron - the oldest player - looks surprised

Jean gets a photo as Fred gets out of the way

Adrian comes over

Harry and Isobel roam around in the hall

Julian hangs on to his B♭ Bass

Adrian chats to Harry

Isobel waits as Ron exits the building

Fred's scored some candy floss