Isobel and Harry in Dough & Co

Isobel and Harry in Dough & Co

The view out onto Abbeygate

Two aquaintances meet on Abbeygate

The pizza place has a skeleton on a Vespa

Hanging out in Dough & Co

Harry gets some doughnuts with strawberries

Fred scopes out photos on the wall

Isobel does a bit of window shopping

There's a Chevrolet hotrod outside the Angel

Looking down Angel Hill towards Crown Street

We have a look inside the Cathedral

Stained glass windows

The choir is doing a bit of practice

Stained glass in Lego form

The boys look at pictures of Lego cathedrals

There's a cat and a piano in the Lego cathedral

We head off back up Abbeygate

Fred and Harry roam around

Isobel looks at Abbeygate Lighting

The imposing 1910's Jones the Bootmaker

Autumn leaves blow around on The Traverse

The Nutshell - one of the smallest pubs in England

On The Traverse in Bury St. Edmunds

Harry checks out bargains in the Toymaster sale

Harry looks at more things to buy

The shop is almost empty due to relocation

The boys look at new books in Waterstones

Isobel checks her phone

The 'Sandbach Sideboard' is ready for a charity shop

The Grim Reaper on horseback in Diss

The two horses head off behind the chip van

A K6 phonebox in need of some TLC

There's a 15th century carving on a timber

Harry points to the ancient carving

Harry takes a seat in the charity shop library

Harry in the EACH book room

Nosher gets yet another puncture on a bike ride

The back road up to Thrandeston Great Green