The sign still says Eastern Electricity, years later

The sign still says Eastern Electricity, years later

Council dudes get a photo as they take over the Octagon

Extensive renovations, but this shop still isn't open

Sadly, You Can Brew It in Diss has shut up shop

Lloyds Bank looks like it's finally being converted

Christopher Hall becomes increasingly derelict

Looking down Market Hill in Diss

It's fairly dark over Mere Street

The Baptist Chapel on Mere Street

Bunting holds out against the oncoming rain

Mere Street in Diss

Harry, Fred and Isobel walk back up Mere Street

Fred's found a great new pop-up plant shop

Harry's bought himself a cat mask

The pop-up shop is playing tiunes on a record player

There's traffic chaos in Diss

An 1860s engraving of St. Margaret of Antioch

An exhibition of photos of Thrandeston

Ruth and Uncle Mick look at photos of Thrandeston

The history exhibition in the village hall

Thrandeston village hall in the old National School

The pond life-belt is now somewhat redundant

Millie and Soph roam around in costume

The ducks are all laid out in rows

The ducks are scooped up and chucked in the river

A pantomime genie roams around promoting the panto

The ducks are 'helped' up the river Dove

The ducks move up the river

The mass of yellow plastic nears the finish line

A sea of plastic ducks

The ducks speed up as they near the finish line

Plastic ducks cram into the channel under Abbey Bridge

The ducks are all collected and bagged

Chickens' dog bounces around chasing straw

There's a massive pile of straw

Harry has a go at the crockery smash

Harry's got a stuffed seal from somewhere

Fred does a bit of cubing on a bale

A bit of magnet fishing reveals a big stash