Lucy kitten wants to come too

Lucy kitten wants to come too

The joys of Stansted Airport

Fred does a stare

We head off through the stinky gas tunnel

Isobel and Harry do sushi

It's time to move on again

We manage to find a spot amongst the masses

We walk to the departure gate

Ruinair planes on the apron

We're in one of the lesser-used dates

The flying bus loads up

Typical Ryanair - won't pay for the air bridge

Fred waits to get to his seat

A broken-down 737 Max is towed off the taxiway

The control tower and freight terminal

The Norman Foster terminal from the air

The plane breaks through the layer of clouds

An estuary and a windfarm from the air

The cabin lights go all disco for some reason

Pisa's dock area by night

A 737 at Pisa airport

Harry hauls his Trunki off

Breakfast in La Striscia's restaurant

Outside seating under a canopy

Fred leans out of the boys' bedroom window

The boys get finger kisses from goldfish

Our apartment's living room

Harry tries out the pool for the first time

The boys are loving the pool

A cute little lizard scurries around

Fred jumps into the pool

The steps to our apartment

There's a fireplace if it ever gets below 28°C

We visit the nearby Pam supermarket for supplies

Isobel scopes out breadsticks

Pasta fan Harry is in the land of pasta

Isobel and Fred on the balcony

There's a brief, but heavy, rain shower

A nice flower

Graffiti on an Arezzo side street

In the Piazza di Sant'Agostino

Isobel helps slice up Fred's pizza

Harry cheeses up his pasta

A late night Gelato shop

It's busy on Via Colcitrone

Some sort of group photo occurs

Terrapins sun themselves on a rock

The boys are fascinated by a load of terrapins

Fred feeds a terrapin

Mopeds in a side alley

Time for a gelato

Inside Santa Maria della Pieve

Painted ceilings

Fred's a bit Meh because we're in a church again

Harry lights a votive candle

A curious picture on a wall

A nice provisions shop near Pizza Grande

Harry buys a little toy boar

Harry plays with his new toy boar

There's a cool antique shop next to our café

Fred looks at even more stuff boar toys

Our kitchen

The view from the kitchen

There's a lot of noise in the park

Drums and trumpets as the band practices

The drummers do a circuit of the park

There's some flag-hurling practice

The trumpets do a fanfare

Massed flag throwing

A line of musicians

More flag-swirling practice

Graffiti under a bridge

Time for a glass of wine, and mosquito defence

Fred's in the pool again