On a parched Old Buckenham campsite

On a parched Old Buckenham campsite

Kai and Nathan meet up with the rest of the gang

We hang out for a bit

An original A2 flying jacket - Irish Eyes

A painting of a Spitfire escorting a B24 Liberator

A stack of old radio and radar equipment

The Old Buckenham airfield museum

Fred points at something

Harry looks at the war memorial

We stop off at Jimmy's Café for a drink

Harry watches a Cessna taxi around

Some dude heads off in a sports plane

There's a nice old plane out by the mobile tower

A propellor with a reference to MP Grant Shapps

A gallery dedicated to the USAAF

More pilot gear

Piper G-ELZN taxis in after a lesson

The boys head out for a look around

Harry and Eliot take the controls of the Piper

Harry and Eliot

Harry in the pilot's seat

Fred has a go in the pilot's seat

Fred grins

The pilot instructor points out the instruments

The boys pose for a photo in front of the Piper

The campsite's café has a cool bicycle fountain

Isobel chats to Kai and Nathan

Nathan in the clubhouse tent

Isobel and Harry head off to the shop

The Tipple Truck - a converted fire engine

Nathan's got a camping chair on his head