The last photo of a broken Boris

The last photo of a broken Boris

We set fire to the Christmas pudding

There's a new crazy golf thing down in Southwold

The Team Room is almost flooded

Bins round the back of the pier

We walk along the pier

Fred runs along the promenade

Isobel stands on the beach

Harry faces off to the sea

The boys head into Sweeties on St. James Green

Fred buys yet more sweets

The former bank is still up for sale

The Southwold Co-op is closed for a refit

We pause outside Southwold Books

Isobel orders fish and chips in Mark's

Mark's restaurant

Fred's on the phone again

There's a massive gull on a bird table

The Wesleyan Chapel from 1835

A different view of the lightbouse

The boys walk along a wet North Parade

Fred and Harry do the 2p shoves

Harry does an interactive Space Invaders

Harry's especially good on the car racing

A massive pile of 2p pieces in the change machine

The boys queue up to cash in their winnings

A stripey beach hut

More beach huts wintering in the car park

We head back to the car