There's a new container mountain up the road

There's a new container mountain up the road

There's a COP26 protest down by the Mere

Environmental protests at Mere's Mouth

Wavy and Oak are watching the demonstration

We're down at the Chandlers in Fox's Marina

The River Orwell, looking down to Pin Mill

The Orwell Bridge

The Orwell Bridge with Ipswich docks behind

A wide view of the Orwell Bridge

The boys score some takeaway

There's a football match on at Portman Road

Boris is being Stripey Stair Cat

Boris and his pink pads

The container mountain has grown

The famous Suffolk container mountain

Thousands of empty shipping containers

The road is fairly blocked

The autumnal road to Thornham

Fred's made a cool Halloween costume

Harry's got a Scream mask on

The boys test the new playground out in Eye

The boys have a good swing

Harry and Fred in the new playground

Skate park graffiti

More graffiti in the sun

Isobel heads off around the Town Moors woods

The old Havensfield chicken sheds

A bench in the woods

There's some more planting near Anita-tree

Our walnut tree is still going

Isobel looks at Anita-tree

Trees reach for the sky

Isobel takes a photo of the memorial tree

Curious wooden stumps in the pond

Snoopy graffiti

A collection of derelict industrial buildings

Isobel and Harry in the Kebab shop

Isobel waits for a pizza

The boys have a small pizza lunch in the boot

There's some tree surgery down the road