Harry and Fred in the car park

Harry and Fred in the car park

Fred looks around as Harry queues up

The food court at Stansted Mountfitchet services

The boys eat tea standing up

Harry and Fred prepare for an early night

We head off out of the Blue Zone car park at 5am

A long covered walkway to the airport

The boys gravitate to the Hanley's shop

Harry's a bit meh, on account of the early start

The boys on the train to the gate

Hanging around at Gate 39

Harry and Fred

More waiting around

Our plane awaits on the apron

Fred becomes a plane

The sun rises

Fred's packet of crisps has inflated

The crisps are opened

We're finally on the ground at Lanzarote

Harry's laces have unravelled again

A first view from the apartment

Isobel on the balcony

Harry and Isobel wander up the road

Fred looks for some flip flops

We get some Patatas Canarias in

Fred and Harry have got some ludicrous lollipops

The tapas bar next-door-but-one from the apartment

Someone's got a whole trolley full of water

An 'emotional training' massage parlour

Walking back to the apartment block

White-block building

Fred roams around by the pool

Noddy appears briefly

Noddy and Jilly head off to catch their flight

A lifeguard hut on the Playa de los Pocillos

Harry draws with his feet in the sand

Harry does more foot-writing

A water bottle stuck into a palm tree

The sun sets over the Spar

Harry has a snooze on Isobel

Che Guevara on a lamp post

Harry waves a palm frond around on the beach

Isobel goes for a swim as the boys paddle

Harry legs it out of the sea

We look back at the sunrise

Fred gets sand washed off his feet

We try out the canteen breakfast for the first time

Prickly-pear cactus

Some sort of shop unit

A sign to our 'aparthotel'

Fred tries a scooter for the first time

Fred and Isobel on the Avenida Maratima

We visit a tourist tat shop

Derelict shop units

The Temple Bar - one of many 'Irish' pubs

Collared doves explode into the air

The resident grey cat at Playa Chica

Harry stomps up the beach at Playa Chica

Isobel shakes sand out of a new blanket

There's a rock with MOPU on it

A dive training RIB heads out

A boy hurls himself off the pier

Wall art near Lomo Alto

We find a tapas bar in Puerto del Carmen

Our fancy tapas arrives

The fancy restaurant

An actually old building

Harry and Isobel in front of an old church

A mad jumble of building rubbish in a shop

Down at Puerto del Carmen

Cool football-like cacti

We visit the artesanal ice-cream shop

There's a cool bird in a nearby tree

We walk down the coast to 'The Strip'

There's a derelict crazy golf course on the way

More derelict Mini Golf

Fred and Isobel in an Italian restaurant

The Costa Mar Strip at night

Fred and Harry look at flying models

Another Spar is busy at night

The long walk back to the apartment

The pool is quiet in the morning

There's a parrot in our tree

Fred feeds the parrot a flower petal

Isobel gets nibbled by the parrot's powerful beak

Beady parrot eye

We find more scooters to hire

O'Shea's bin is actually on fire

Fred scoots around near the beach

Harry and Fred

The pre-runway lights are actually in the sea

A plane comes in low

An army cargo plane comes in to land

There's a small crowd at the end of the runway

Isobel and the scooters

An EasyJet 737 and some graffiti on the beach

It's a bit noisy for taking phone calls

One of Lanzarote's 109 volcanoes

A funky sculpture on the promenade

Harry buys another thing

Fred roams around looking for trinkets

The boys play with their stash of entertainment

The Sirocco Steak House Pizzeria

A self-propelled four-seat rickshaw goes by

A view of the beach from a volcano-rock tower

The lava-rock tower on the beach

An empty shop unit/greenhouse

Another empty shop with a load of hat stands

Mini cactus fridge magnets

The best 'pirces' in town

The boys get strawberry milkshakes

There's a cool sand sculpture on Los Pocillos

The Hotel California album cover

A passenger plane gets a close military escort

The Spar supermarket, open to the street

We have some tapas and piña coladas for tea

We head back to the apartment block

A donkey and cactus ride