The boarded-up Laura Ashley on London Street

The boarded-up Laura Ashley on London Street

A space dinosaur on London Street

Shiny dinosaur outside the former Habitat

Wisteria hangs over London Street

Photos with the dinosaur

There's a motorbike outside an empty shop

Fred, Harry and Isobel on Castle Street

Another dinosaur on an alley up to Castle Meadow

Ceiling art over an alley

Another empty shop

Graffiti on the wall of York Alley

A dinosaur on Timber Hill

A mobile Churros van outside Chapelfield

Fred and Harry in Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi in Chapelfield

We eat sushi outside

A spotty dinosaur outside Chapelfield

A dino with cakes on its head in Chapelfield

Harry, Fred and Isobel walk back from the bogs

Fred and a hundred trainers

Harry points to an acceptable trainer for school

More of a cyber-punk dinosaur

Isobel sorts out a screen protector replacement

Flowers outside St. Stephen's

A green dinosaur by Hay Hill

The boys in Montezuma's chocolate shop

Isobel buys chocolates

A balloon seller on Gentleman's Walk

More wisteria on London Street

Another empty shop

We head out onto Redwell Street

Empty shop on Redwell Street

Amusingly-altered no entry sign

Looking down Princes Street

On Elm Hill

The top of Elm Hill

The Mandell's Court water pump

The bottom of Elm Hill

Graffiti on Waggon and Horses Lane

The former Samson's nightclub on Wensum Street

Tombland in Norwich

In the cathedral close, on Upper Close

The cathedral's newish café area

We wander around the cathedral close

The boys look at footage of kestrel chicks

Fred gets a photo of Edith Cavell's grave

The Bishopgate end of the cathedral

The boys lean against a wall as we queue

Flying buttresses on the cathedral

There's a very long queue to see Dippy

The boys move position the the cloisters

The queue behind us

Picnic in the cloisters

David Attenborough, carved in coprolite

Another view of the cloisters

The boys hang around

Fred and Harry discover a carved board game

We walk through a thousand shiny fish

Dippy the diplodocus in Norwich Cathedral

Dippy looms over the crowds

Isobel gets a photo

An altar, and the cathedral organ

Dippy's tail whips around at the end

The crowd subsides for a brief moment

A head-on view

The boys are bored already

The great nave window

Autumn leaves on a tapestry altar cover

Modern stained glass

Graffiti from 1661

We're back in the cloisters

A red GR post box

A view of the cathedral spire

The boys queue for a slushie

Harry slurps something blue

There's a Sherlock Holmes dino in the close

A knitted turtle in a window

The South Gate and Tombland

St. Andrew's Hall

A dinosaur tile by St. Andrew's car park