Benbulben Court - our apartment block

Benbulben Court - our apartment block

We head off for a walk

It's Covid city down at IT Sligo

There's a market in the car park

We queue up for some crepes

A flower and plant stall

There's anothere queue, this time for cheese

A guitarist does his thing

Isobel looks back

Harry hangs on the monkey bars

Manorhamilton castle

A bungalow on a hill

Harry on a seesaw

The castle from up on the Mullies road

A derelict cottage

Fred and Fern on the seesaw

Another view of Connolly's Bar

We're back in SuperValu looking for lunch

We queue at the hot-food counter for pizza

Fred looks around in SuperValu

Isobel walks off with some bags of Tayto

Inside a closed-down carpet shop

A jumble of randomness in a closed-up shop

The laundrette is still running

Isobel and the boys look at house prices

McMorrow Meats is closed down

Keenan's Family Butchers

An ornate door surround

Harry's on a sculpture

It's a pizza picnic

Harry climbs around

Rachel looks out

There's an old petrol station on the N4

S Reynolds and a derelict petrol pump

The old post office in Killargue

Wynne's petrol station near Killargue

Some huge derelict building

Collonaded entrance to an epic derelict building

Some GAA fans cause a traffic jam on the M4

We get back to Da Gorls house

The derelict house in the hospital car park

The tower of St. Michael's on Bóthar na Mara

An underground car park entrance

Street art on a traffic light control box

Shuttered buildings and scaffolding

A paint-splattering cannon on Patrick Street

A wall mural of a fish monger

Another painted building

A relic of the past: an Internet Café

Shop of the moment: The PPE Shop

A giant puffin on Dunphy's Bar

Isobel roams around on George's Street

Super Tech derelict phone shop

More wall art on George's Street

An abandoned wheelie bin in an alley

The ghost of an old post office

The Carnegie Library from 1912

Graffiti on a tattoo shop

First Stop garage

The remains of the Ireland Hairdressing champions

An entire swimming scene on a building

A heron on a traffic light control box

The old fire station on George's Place

A jumble of stuff in a closed shop

Isoble inspects a curious stand-alone building

Interesting pink flowers

An Edward VII post box, painted green

We meet up with Jen and her dog, Bear

More wall art at St. Michael's hospital

Outside Argos

We walk through Bloomfield's

Bloomfield's shopping arcade

A seal on the wall behind Dunphy's

Author and poet paintings

A waiter statue outside a café

Graffiti'd metal gates

A random toilet

More bird art

Graffiti on another back alley

A Dún Laoghaire back street

More backstreet graffiti

We pop out by Mike's Bikes on Patrick Street

There's a nice mural of an old DART train

Cool pictures based on DART tickets

Support Local on Lees Lane

Derelict buildings

Slaughter wall art on Lees Lane

Another derelict shop

A huge brick wall

Suspect-looking electrical gear

Another view of St. Patrick's spire from Marine Walk

A street food market on Queen's Road

It's serene down at the East Pier

The lifeboat floats around on the still water

Another painted control box

There's a bit of fire damage at the DART station

We say goodbye to Jen and Bear

A DART train pulls in

Graffiti on a railway substation

Bear gets a final scratch from Isobel

Graffiti on a DART train