Fred catches a paper aeroplane

Fred catches a paper aeroplane

Harry looks out of the lounge window

The Model - an archetype National School

The old PJ Hannigan grocers on The Mall

The local newspaper's van

Fred does a spot of flute busking

The Garavogue is still raging high

Crossing the street by the old Post Office

A closed-down shop

Harry points in the shopping centre on Castle Street

Shopping for things in Tesco

The closed-down P F Dooney and Son

The classic Mullaney Brothers general drapers

Water Street and the Italian Quarter

We bump into Noddy and Jilly by the river

Noddy models a sun visor

Isobel soaks up a bit of sun

A couple of geezers chat

A pigeon takes to the wing as Noddy points

Isobel, Harry and Fern return from a spree

Some dude pushes a bike up The Mall

Sullivan's, and some pub stained glass

The derelict Leitrim Bar

On The Mall

Ornate gate at the singing garden house

Rubbish and beer-garden graffiti

Interesting electrical work

A derlelict house on the road to the Mullies

Derelict buildings covered in weeds

The long-derelict Jak's Casino on Bóthar Shligigh

A good collection of toilets in a derelict building

Another roof-less derelict building

A closed-down shop is left as it was

An Caifé Bia Sláinte has sadly closed down

More closed-down shops on Main Street

Permanent shutters on a bedding shop

Empty shops on Temple Lane

Derelict house on New Line

The former gallery on New Line is no more

Thompson's garage is still going

The Leitrim Sculpture Centre has closed down

Manor Properties is being reclaimed by plants

More shops and houses long for sale

The closed-down Sweeney's looks ready to serve

Outside at Sweeney's

Looking up to Main Street

Connolly's is still going

Formerly known as Joe's bar and lounge

Foliage reclaims more buildings

A derelict cottage on Creamery Road

Old-school John McHugh Tyres

A derelict tin shed

A mix of derliction and new building materials

More derelict warehousing

The Castle almost looks like it's still open

The abandoned Home Bar at Ros Inbhir

The derelict Home Bar of Rossinver

A small building with a post box

A very derelict old stone cottage

The bridge at Rossinver

A derelict house with half the roof missing

The derelict house on the R282

A derelict cottage on the way to Philly's house

An old barn

Fred gets some food at Philly and Davida's

Philly's burns up some burgers

A pink chair has seen better days

One of Rosemary's paintings from Sneem

A cat sits on logs and scowls

Evelyn waves a marshmallow around

Fred goes marshmallow fishing

Lua and Noddy get some marshmallows toasting

Rachel looks over

Philly and Louise

Harry chats to Faith and Da Wheeze

Fred's got a weird balloon head

We walk past Sligo Abbey

Foley's Bar on Teeling Street

The derelict Mc Donagh's

We head off lookig for body boards for Fred

We leave a surf shop empty-handed

Atlantic Lock and Key is up for lease

A sign for the Sligo Fleadh Chaoil is a bit late

Hargadon Brother's bar on Castle Street

Green shutters on a closed-down shop

Fred finally finds a body board

Fred heads off with his board

The possibly-derelict Swagman Bar

Harry gets some donuts

The boys scoff doughnuts by the river

The Glasshouse on the Garavogue river

Some dude looks like he's going to jump in

Noddy, Isobel and Fred on Rockwood Parade

The skeleton of a derelict garage near Grange

The frame of the garage's roof is still standing

A few timbers stop a cottage from collapsing

The derelict EuroShell petrol station

Only the front of a cottage remains

euroShell sign on the Wild Atlantic Way road

Isobel and Harry back at Streedagh Beach

Isobel reads a book on the beach

Benbulben hill over the estuary

Sand dunes and hills

Another massed picnic on the beach

Dark clouds loom over the lifeguard hut

Walkers and horses on the beach

Another jellyfish has washed up on the beach

Louise gets a beer

Sunset over the Garavogue River in Sligo

Grim-looking buildings

The coastguard helicopter is out over Sligo

Covid art on the pavement

A load of birds take to the wing

Isobel heads back through IT Sligo