The Winkies and Poolbeg at 5.30am

The Winkies and Poolbeg at 5.30am

The lighthouse of Dublin Port

The Odlums silos

Looking up the Liffey

Fred peers out over the docks

Fred points to oily water on the ferry's deck

The deck of the freight ferry

We wait in the bar area before disembarking

The few cars are squeezed in between trailers

The exit onto the M4 to Sligo

Isobel heads into Applegreen services on the M4

A derelict shop at Rathowen

A derelict house, which has lost its roof

The remains of a derelict bar

Another closed-down bar in Rathowen

The car outside the derelict shop

A cool old-school roadside petrol station

We stop off at SuperValu in Manorhamilton

Isobel gets some Ferrero Rocher

Isobel heads of with a basket of goodies

The SuperValu car park

Louise has a beer and a ciggie

Fred returns from a trip to the trampoline

Evelyn and Davida chat

Rachel, Fern and Fred return from the trampoline

There's a bicycle hanging up in Philly's shed

Harry swings around in the trees

Harry has a swing

Kitchen life

We find a cool beetle crawling around

Isobel takes a photo of the insect

A pair of boots hang up on an outside light

Philly's new fence

A few spiders join in with the beetle action

Isobel pours a glass of wine

Up at Philly's house

Fred waits in reception at Benbulben Court

A derelict building near Benbulben Court

Walking down The Mall/An Meal

The Garavogue river is running full and fast

The boys wait for pizza outside Rugantino

Harry and Isobel in Fiddlers Creek

Fiddler's Creek bar in Sligo

The first pint of Guinness

A closed-down newsagent on Grattan Street

We eat pizza in the apartment

Noddy comes over as Isobel plays fiddle

The Clayton Hotel in Sligo

The boys on Streedagh Beach

The empty lifeguard hut on Streedagh beach

Harry digs in the sand

The boys haul a massive lump of seaweed around

Fred on a rock

The boys perch on rocks

Harry runs off

Fred's found more seaweed

A surf school sets up for the afternoon

The boys roam around on the beach

Fred digs up more seaweed

A stripey sea snail clings to a rock

A bit of seaweed looks like a fan

Harry runs around with a string of seaweed

Green-covered rocks

More seaweed

Fred in amongst the rockpools

There's some perfect shale geology going on

A dead crab in bits on the rocks

Some seaweed looks like some of of sea animal

The surf school heads out to sea

The car park of Streedagh Beach

Our beach encampment

Evelyn reads, whilst Do Wheeze has a fag on

Harry in the sand

Nicolas and Annalua have joined in

The Streedagh/Trá na Strithidí beach sign

The beach has filled up a bit

It's picnic time

Jilly and Noddy appear

Fred gets a massage

Wide open spaces

In the car park of Grange SuperValu

Isobel roams the aisles of SuperValu

A derelict building over the road from SuperValu

Isobel, Fern and Harry on the stairs

We head off into Sligo on Bóthar an Ghalltrumpa

Wandering through the campus of IT Sligo

Fred walks past a WB Yeats quote on The Mall

The gang on The Mall

Walking past derelict shops

Shuttered shops on Bridge Street

Isobel and Harry in Garavogue/Camile Thai

Across the river Garavogue

Bargain Shoes, across the river

Apint of Guinness has a smily face

Noddy has a beer moustache

Harry slurps on a fruit punch mocktail

The boys look out over the almost-overflowing river

Some insaniac is actually kayaking the river

Derelict-looking grey buildings

A Bram Stoker mural

A Yeats mural on The Snug pub

Wandering back up Stephen Street

A green-painted Edward VII post box

Harry runs across The Mall

The closed-down Sullivan's bar

Another closed-down bar: The Leitrim

A green wall post-box

The house where some dude plays loud music to plants

A former Mason's lodge in the arts-and-crafts style

The great 1960s-ness of Sligo Hospital

Fred swings a leg over a cone

The closed gates of IT Sligo