We assemble for a bike ride into Eye

We assemble for a bike ride into Eye

Food from the Kebab shop in Eye arrives

Isobel and Harry in the kitchenette

Clive shows off the chick, which has escaped

The fluffy chick gets a stroke

Harry has a close-up look

The chick perches on Suzanne's shoulder

Tilly Dog hopes to get some scraps

Fred floats off for a row around the pond

The van is where it's at

Watching a boat ride

Fred comes back from the pond

All around the van

Fred and Sophie are on point

Fred waits as the riders assemble

Fred, Alice and Soph ride into Eye

Hanging out at the Blue Shop

Suzanne outside the Town Hall in Eye

Fred gets ready to cycle home to check on Boris

We gather by the outdoor bar

Clive is on pizza prep duty

Clive chops pineapple up

Henry's got one or two garlands on

Suzanne comes over to check on Clive's chopping

Andrew wanders off with an inflatable tree

Allyson, Isobel and Suzanne

Hanging around the bar

Clive gets the barbeque really smoking

Gathering around the outdoor wood burner