Mellis Common on the Thursday morning ride

Mellis Common on the Thursday morning ride

Mellis Common, looking towards the railway

The road to Thornham is all green now

An empty bench outside the Cherry Tree

The Yaxley village sign

Mick the Brick on the old bit of road

A sea of new earth

The old road becomes a new cycle path

Gaz heads off down Oakley Hill

The Boy Phil and Gaz in Oakley

Isobel waits on the road

Phil and Isobel in Hoxne

Gaz cycles past the random crap house

There's a calf in the bar

Gaz takes a photo of cows

A cow gets a lick

In Brockdish

Phil and Isobel ride up

Gaz and Phil look at cows

The BSCC rides off

Turning into Brockdish's main street

Riding through Brockdish

Isobel turns into the King's Head

Gaz gets some sanitiser on

Outside beers

A tangle of lights

The King's Head has a spider-plant thing

It's like the start of a proper bike race

Isobel gets ready to head off

The Boy Phil rugs up

The King's Head's gravel drive

A modest house with amazing chimneys

The King's Head, and the road to Needham

Heading back home

Gaz outside the pub

A lone cow stands on a hill

Passing a pink barn near Syleham

The BSCC heads off to Hoxne