The A140 by the Yaxley Bull is fairly deserted

The A140 by the Yaxley Bull is fairly deserted

The new 'Brome Bypass' has some tarmac on it

The new B1077 re-route is close to completion

A view of the new road

A few cars drift past on the A140

The misty A140 is empty

Looking down a deserted A140 towards Yaxley

Nothing says 'Lockdown' more than locked gates

The Eye road is also deserted

A close-up of a cat's eye on the B1077

Fredgets his drone out

Harry flies a drone (the dot near the garage door)

Harry and Fred do drones

Fred's drone flies around

Fred's drone in the air

The drone comes in to land

Harry tries his drone out in the back room

Red sky at night

A sunset over a flooded field

Funky ice on the office Velux

Fred pokes some ice around

Harry's got a sheet of ice

Fred finds a love-heart-shaped bit of ice

Isobel gets an ice love heart

A boy leaves a handprint in the sofa frost

The gang walk back from Chinner's field

Harry and Isobel near the church

Isobel and Harry at Brome Church

Harry peers in where the door has fallen off

The curious innards of a church tower

Fred's got a nice slice of ice

Fred smashes the ice sheet on his head

Isobel waits for the boys

Harry scoops ice out of a puddle

Isobel disappears into the mist

Frozen puddles

A diesel resevoir irrigation pump

We walk around a field in the gathering gloom

The Devil's Handbasin garage on the A140

Roaming around on the Oaksmere's balloon field

Fred's bucket-freezing experiment

Fred gets a huge sheet of ice

Isobel creates some frozen art

Fred looks through a sheet of ice

Harry picks up a big sheet of ice