Life Before Lockdown: A March Miscellany - 22nd March 2020

The massive Ash tree behind the garage/office has signs of die-back disease and fungus eating out one of its limbs, plus if it ever fell over it would do some major damage, and so it sadly has to come down. At the same time, the whole hedge along the field is sorted out. Then, Nosher's in Morissons in Diss to see the first signs of Novel Coronavirus-related panic buying, where it's true that for no apparent reason whatsoever people really have bought all the bog roll. After that, we're in Madgett's of Diss to get a new bike for Harry, and also manage to sneak in a final haircut before everything closes down. On the Sunday - the day before the full lock-down is announced - we go out for a bike ride with Harry's new bike, which is easy enough to do in a social-distancing style as there aren't many people around on Brome Avenue even when things are perfectly normal.

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The big ash tree behind the garage

The first limb is cut down

A bit of tree trunk is hauled around

Nick Bobby the tree surgeon is up the remaining bough

The grabber machine does its thing

The gang run around inspecting the new log pile

The remains of the tree

Meanwhile, Morissons is out of biscuits

It's also out of tinned food, which is more understandable

But the lack of bog roll is a complete mystery

Morissons café has been cordoned off as well

The boys wait for a hair cut

Fred gets a trim

The gang heads upstairs in Madgett's, to look at more bikes

Fred looks at chunky tyres

Harry gets a fitting

Mick Madgett parks the bike up

Harry has another test for size

Beale's of Bournemouth's Diss branch closes down

The old council offices in Eye are now full of Diversion roadsigns

The camera takes its own photo inside the car

Fred on a bike cycling through Brome

Isobel and Harry pass the church

The gang heads off through Brome Street

Isobel and Fred wait for Harry at the top of the hill on Brome Avenue

Some late daffodils

Harry has a drink

We eat a suitably socially-distanced picnic in the church grounds

A horse walks up Church Street

The camera decides to overlay a couple of photos, but the result is interesting

The Eye Guildhall

Old bas-relief in the church walls

Harry whirls around

The church looms into the clear blue sky

We head off

The 'perching falcons' are still there on Victoria Hill in Eye

Isobel and Harry again

The gang have been outside the G-Unit's window showing off Harry's new bike

A an old WWII bit of Eye airfield

Fred waits on the B1077

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The big ash tree behind the garage