HMS Belfast and the South Bank, Southwark, London - 17th February 2020

The day after the Harry Potter tour, as we're vaguely in the vicinity of London, we get the train in from Radlett to do some toursit stuff. We're a bit undecided on what to do, but settle on the Imperial War Museum's HMS Belfast on the banks of the Thames near London Bridge. It's a good day out poking around in the WWII ship, followed by a bit of roaming around near Nosher's old work manor of Southwark, and an obligatory visit to Pizza Express

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Our breakfast room for the morning

The boys eat cereal

Right next door to the Bricket Wood Beafeater, the M25 roars

Harry feeds the ducks

Harry gets more food as a duck looks up hopefully

the boys are surrounded by ducks

The boys run around in Radlett station car park

An obsolete railway mile post showing 15¼ miles

Welcome to Radlett's graffiti

Some dude waits at Radlett Station

The pedestrian footbridge to all platforms

Isobel and Harry on the train

Some trackside graffiti

Graffiti on a road bridge in the form of Scrabble tiles

Vintage Class 43 locos

Another colourful stretch of graffiti

A view of London from Blackfriar's Bridge station

Take Courage wall advert near London Bridge

The gang on the escalators at London Bridge

The gang roam around the new London Bridge station

Fancy cast-iron atrium, in the Victorian style

Harry and Fred

HMS Belfast

Tower Bridge

The Tower of London

Harry and Fred on the deck of HMS Belfast

The ship's entertainment radio room

The bakery

The engine room is just a tangle of pipes

Lots of wheel valves everywhere

Fred tries a balance game

Harry and Isobel do some dancing

Isobel reads the news

Fred in his 1940s Arctic sailor's gear

Harry finds some amusing glasses

The shell room

Isobel waits in the Turret Experience

The Belfast's foreward 6' guns

A rainbow briefly appears over HMS Belfast

Wet stones after a brief downpour

The Tower, HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge in one shot

Bits of London are beginning to look like New York

Fred on The Queen's Walk

The Great Fire of London Monument is almost hidden

Isobel on wet stone steps

Some funky modern architecture

Fred looks up to the Shard near London Bridge

10Foot graffiti is everywhere

Harry and Isobel in Pizza Express

Isobel and Fred play cards

Underneath the arches

Fred sits on a funky sculpted wooden bench

Brutalist architecture

A dodgy-looking snooker/pool club near London Bridge station

The Shard

A rush-hour exit corridor at London Bridge Station

We're back roaming around the new London Bridge

The boys get some magazines in WHSmith

Nice wooden ceiling at London Bridge

Some natural light sneaks in

The boys read magazines as we wait for our train back to Radlett

Urban graffiti, and St. Paul's Cathedral

Fred has a look of Ennui on the train

Queen of th[e air] wall art

Three vintage Class 43 locos (InterCity 125s) side by side

Rans is another tag that appears on the lines out of Liverpool Street as well

Piling off the train at Radlett

Class 43 43059 roars through Radlett

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Our breakfast room for the morning