A New Year's Eve Party, Brome, Suffolk - 31st December 2019

It's New Year's Eve, and there are five 19-litre kegs of homebrew beer on in the garage bar - a personal best. There's also food and a nominal theme based on famous people who have died in the last decade, although it's really only Isobel who makes an effort with her quite impressive, given that it was knocked up at the last minute, Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) costume.

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Princess Leia in the kitchen

There's a good turnout from the BSCC bike club

Bill scopes out the food

The Boy Phil looks over

Party chatting

Suey and Spam in the kitchen

The Boy Phil does some Jessica tormenting

There's some sort of Facetime conference going on on the stairs

There's also some sort of cushion fight going on in the lounge

Helen warily inspects Wavy's bottle of random pink Czech spirit

Soph the Roph plays piano in the back room

Mikey P and Marc do some arm wrestling

The Boy Phil takes a photo of Millie the Invisible Cat and Marc

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Princess Leia in the kitchen