Diss Panto and the Christmas Lights, Diss, Norfolk - 27th December 2019

It's the panto in Diss, or maybe "oh no it isn't". But anyway, we watch an entertaining romp through Robin Hood in the Cornhall, and afterwards have a wander around the Diss Heritage Triangle to see the lights. After that, it's time for a bit of tea up at the Oaksmere.

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We're in Beard's deli in Eye to stock up on New Year's Eve cheese

Fred inspects the cheese

Beard's deli, with its Christmas lights up

Wandering up the path from the Youth Club car park

Fred looks back

The increasingly-derelict Christopher Hall building at the bottom of Roydon Road

The gang heads in to the Cornhall

The panto breaks up for an intermission

Isobel and Fred look at Mike Webb pictures at an exhibition

The spangly lights of St. Nicholas Street

Fred roams around outside the Greyhound pub

Looking down Pump Hill

Outside the Diss Ironworks

Further down St. Nicholas Street

Outside Browne's the Butchers

More roaming around

The cut, looking at the Town Council offices

Fred's Lego creation in the Oaksmere bar

Fred and Harry do Lego

The Oaksmere's Christmas tree

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We're in Beard's deli in Eye to stock up on New Year's Eve cheese