The old petrol pumps of Westleton garage

The old petrol pumps of Westleton garage

Westleton garage

Harry up a tree

The boys find a climbey-tree

Minsmere marshes and Sizewell power station

On the boardwalk


The boys on the beach

Harry runs about

Isobel stumps off up the beach

The gang on the bech

Harry's got a stone

Concrete blocks on the beach

Some sort of sea plant

Harry looks at the derelict sea defences

Fred stands on some rusty ironwork

The gang on the shingle

Sizewell power station

An old stump of wood sticks out of the beach

Isobel and the boys carry on up the beach

Fred flakes out

The boys jump around

A weather-beaten timber sticks out of the beach

Some sort of rusty iron

Isobel and Harry

Like pebbles on the beach, displaced by feet

Isobel meets a hairy dog

A shaggy dog story

Harry and Isobel head off to the marshes

The boys find a very soggy geocache

Trees reflected in a pond

The boys do a spot of 'fishing'

Pond dipping, number 35

Harry peers into the pond

Harry does some Ninja moves

The lonely tree

The stark outline of dead bracken

Sizewell and the marshes again

Fred roams around

Looking over to Minsmere

The old Laxfield petrol station

The remains of the UK Petroleum sign

Classic ancient garage shop window

Laxfield garage