Christmas Day, Brome, Suffolk - 25th December 2019

It's Christmas Day at last and we're having a quiet one with just us and the G-Unit. After a frenzy of present opening, we pop round to Paul and Claire's for a half of beer and a chat, and then swing by the Oaksmere for festive beer on the way home.

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Harry and Fred make a start on presents

Harry gets some more Lego

Isobel gets some surprising and unexpected...

It's a violin!

Even more Lego gets unwrapped

Harry starts making his right in the way of everything

Mille the Invisible Cat watches events unfolding

Fred tries out a Harry Potter quill

Fred's also got the latest Wimpy Kid book

We chat to Bill in Paul and Claire's new kitchen

Isabella and Fred hang out with Flash the cat

Flash, the ginger cat

Fred and Harry are enjoying the electric sofa

Back home, and Isobel is doing some food prep

After food prep, we head over to the Oaksmere for a swiftie

Isobel and Fred play Top Trumps

Harry waves around a Lego dragon

Grandad appears

Christmas Dinner occurs

Up in Harry's room, the boys play with their new Hogwarts Lego building

Isobel has fixed the 'milk for Santa' bottle into something far more realistic

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Harry and Fred make a start on presents