The St. Nicholas Street Winter Fayre, Diss, Norfolk - 14th December 2019

Isobel's choir - the Invidia Voices - are singing in Norfolk Yard for the St. Nicholas Street winter fair in Diss, so Nosher and the boys head in to watch for a bit and get a few Christmas presents

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The boys mess around in the car park

The boys find a good wall for doing shadows on

The Diss telephone exchange

A sign points the way up St. Nicholas Street

Invidia Voices do their thing

Harry up a spiral staircase

More singing in Norfolk Yard, Diss

Wrought iron for sale in nearby Cobb's Yard

Isobel, in the middle

Meanwhile, Fred and Harry visit Claire's Sugarcraft sweet shop

There's a good turnout this year

In Frederick's Fine Foods

Harry stands by the door and scowls at stuff

A mulled cider stall outside Amandine's

More singing from Isobel and the choir

Father Christmas does the rounds

Harry and Fred on the spiral steps

Post-singing mingling

Harry messes about

Isobel peruses log holders

Fred looks at pottery

A vintage shop

Harry and Fred mill around outside Frederick's

Santa stumps off down St. Nicholas Street

An organ grinder by Cobb's Yard

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The boys mess around in the car park