Isobel Sings at the Eye Lights, Eye, Suffolk - 28th November 2019

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Who knew that there was a Metropolitan Cattle Trough association in Hyde Park

Beard's deli on Church Street in Eye. Home of cheese

Fred's picture still hangs in front of the increasingly-derelict Paddock House

The funky home-furnishing shop Shelf, in Eye, has a closing-down sale

Isobel's mushrooms-in-a-box are doing great

The other box of mushrooms is catching up

Invidia Voices are singing at the Eye Christmas lights switch-on

The choir outside the co-op

Crowds on Broad Street

Isobel does some singing

The conductor applauds the choir

Isobel on the Park Radio mobile studio thing

Various stalls are out on Broad Street

Some sort of presentation is about to occur

The Mayor of Eye does a speech

The tree's lights are turned on

Someone has a neat idea to run a fake snow machine

A boy tries to catch some 'snow'

Snow starts building up on the street sign

Outside the town hall, the vicar has become an organ grinder

More stalls on Broad Street

Isobel and the boys queue up for some cake products

Amelia twirls around as Chickens chats to Colin and Jill

Francis roams around with his bike

Fred sets up for a spot of flute busking

Meanwhile, the sign is now well snowed under

Small kids are still shouting at the snow

The scene outside the Handyman really is quite Christmassy

There's some sort of wood-whittling demo going on

Fred does flute outside the pharmacy

Fred plays Christmas carols

Isobel's still hanging around the cake stall

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It's not quite Loutherbourg's Coalbrookdale by Night, but it's close