A Night at the Crown Hotel, Southwold, Suffolk - 8th November 2019

As part of Isobel's birthday, we get to do a child-free night off at the Crown Hotel in Southwold, complete with dinner and a couple of trips to the Lord Nelson pub for pre-dinner beers and a post-dinner night cap. We've even got the cool in-the-roof suite we'd had on a previous visit, with its two bathrooms and mini lounge. The next day we have a good few hours to wander around the town, walk along the beach, and visit the Nelson again - this time for lunch, albeit without the beer. The Nelson has recently started serving something of a curiosity: a two foot long (as in 24", or around 60cm) sausage in a suitably-oversized roll, which the bloke next to us orders and actually manages to eat. As he said: "it's a man-versus-food sort of thing".

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The Lord Nelson pub in Southwold. Oh yes.

Beams of light spill out from the lighthouse near St. James's Green

The constellation of Orion rises over the sea

Inside the Lord Nelson, where we've stopped (again) for a post-dinner nightcap

A fine selection of Adnams beers

The next morning, as someone peers into the window of Southwold Books

Activity on the high street

Our room for the night

Isobel in the ante-room/lounge

Funky cushion covering

The overflow dining room, and epic carved wooden bench

We visit the 'Wow' vintage shop

Nosher had this exact same radio - a Binatone Worldstar - as a boy

Outside Wow Vintage Southwold

The former Lloyds Bank would make a really good hotel

Some nice original green tiles on the Queen Street pharmacy

The smaller of Adnams' two shops in the town

On the beach

A seagull perches on a groyne

Isobel walks past the café shed that closed for the season only a week before

The view to the pier

...and the same view in around 1998

The pavillion is getting its flat roof repaired

A load of roof/floor boards are teleported up to the roof of the pavillion

The desolate car park is definitely a change from the chaos of mid summer

Adnams brewery and copper house

Defend they ryghts

Our hotel for the night

A ship's figurehead on the wall of a Southwold house

A bunch of semi-derelict lock-up garages, with a sign featuring 1970s font favourite 'Murray Hill'

A cool hedgehog sculpture, and an advert for the Hog Hotel

Southwold post office

Iosobel roams around in the Adnams shop

An old K6 phonebox is now a defibrilator point

A big dog/little dog face-off

Another view of the lighthouse

The Lord Nelson's door, from the best place to be: the inside

Isobel, and the guy on the left who ate the two-foot sausage

Looking back at the Lord Nelson

Someone's stuck a wooden fork into an old wooden post

Isobel on the promenade

A right-of-way notice featuring the act from 1932

It's dustbin city near the public bogs outside the pavillion

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The Lord Nelson pub in Southwold. Oh yes.