A Trip up a Lighthouse, Southwold, Suffolk - 27th October 2019

It's one of those laws of the universe: you can go somewhere millions of times and still have never done the obvious stuff. And so it was with the lighthouse just off St. James's Green in Southwold, having seen it countless times, and even walked near or past it on many occasions. This time, though, we were both a) near it and b) noticed it was open and so finally got round to having a look. It's also unusual as it's Trinity House's only "inland" lighthouse (for a definition which means maybe 100 metres in and definitely not battered by the sea on regular occasions), which gives it a distinctive wide-open-on-the-inside build. This contrasts to, say, Smeaton's Tower in Plymouth, which as the former Eddystone lighthouse, originally sited eleven miles into the Atlantic, was built to be almost solid with a narrow spiral flight of steps on the inside. Also here, for want of somewhere to put it, is a photo from Mother and Mike's collection showing the pier when it had mostly fallen into the sea. The pavillion was restored to financial success between 1987 and 1992, whilst the pier itself was eventually rebuilt between 1999 and 2001.

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Southwold pier and paviillion before the pier itself was rebuilt

We're back in Tim Hunkin's Under The Pier Show

Fred does the amusing 'walk the dog' machine

Harry peers over whilst the dog has found a cat to chase

Harry grins at the 'test your nerve' drooling dog

Fred has a go, and gets drooled on

We walk down to the end of the pier

The tin men on the clock are still doing their comedy weeing

People watch the clock

Looking back to the mural of George Orwell

Fred does the 'Quantum tunnelling telescope' whilst Harry tries to be in the way

The end of the pier

Harry looks out to sea

People on the beach at Southwold

Isobel gets some ice creams

Harry shows off his missing teeth

Ice creams and fizzy drinks - quality

Fred grins

Walking the dog

The lighthouse beckons

An improvised cone of some sort

The Southwold lighthouse

We stop off for sweets first

The boys are like kids in a sweet shop

An array of classic sweets in jars

The wide-open inside of the lighthouse, and a spiral staircase up to the top

Isobel and the boys climb the stairs

A view over Southwold

The gang in the lantern room

The stacked Fresnel rings are reminiscent of a Dalek somehow

the actual light is made up of a bunch of LEDs

One of the earlier tungsten lamps that would be sent off for re-filamenting when they failed

Southwold Pier from the lighthouse

Looking down Stradbroke Road, Southwold

The light looks like some sort of astronomy aparatus

The next tour group is assembling on the ground floor

Looking back from outside Adnams' Brewery

The church of St. Edmund King and Martyr

The nave of St. Edmund

Mediaeval rood-screen paintings

Fred and Harry have a very quick mess around in the nearby playground

Harry in a spider's web

The old hospital is being done up as flats

Back at Southwold Pier

Beach huts: a study in blue

On the edge of Halesworth is an amusing horse and rider

Back at home, Fred plays some guitar

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Southwold pier and paviillion before the pier itself was rebuilt