Waxham Sands and the Nelson Head Beer Festival, Horsey, Norfolk - 31st August 2019

It's the last camping hurrah of the summer, with another trip to the campsite that time forgot - Waxham Sands, on the north-east coast of Norfolk. As an added bonus, the weekend coincides with the nearby Nelson Head pub's annual beer festival. So that's Saturday evening pretty much sorted then.

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First night nibbles and drinks

On the beach

Fred runs around

One of the boys is buried in sand

Isobel looks back

There's a man down

Pip the pug offers to help

Isobel strides over with bike helmet on

We prepare to cycle over to the Nelson Head

There's a comedy inflatable thing outside the portaloos

We decide to move our heap of bikes

There's a good turnout

The first musical act is on stage

Tilly Dog gives the pug puppy a sniff

The queue for the Nelson Head bar is out onto the street

More crowds

The pink sausage thing keeps dancing

It's device city on the kids' table

An acoustic duo and Dave, apparently

Inside the beer marquee

Colin and Isobel look up

Pip the pug has a sleep

Fred's bagsied someone's tablet

Little Red Kings take to the stage

Fred has a go of Pip

On-stage action

The clouds look threatening, but the rain holds off

Hirsute guitar action

The drummer with Pilot shades

More of the Telecaster

The singer gets into it

Fred's got Camera B again

Life on a tautliner trailer

Some children dance around

The band on stage

Some black and white action

Soph the Roph messes around

The cyclist prepare to head back to the campsite in the gloom

A 30-second exposure just about shows the Milky Way - the skies are that clear and dark

Harry in his nest at the back of the van

A sea-level watermark at the NT café at Horsey Wind Pump

Gears in the wind pump

Several stuffed toy rats have been hidden around the pump

Isobel roams around

Slow-motion Isobel and Harry

The gears that make the sails always point into the wind

The new sails have been installed

The wind pump cap and sails

Looking back towards Horsey Gap, and a sheet of rain on the horizon

The river and broads at Horsey

The road back to Martham

Isobel and the boys mill around

A bucolic scene over the marshes, and a fence that just stops

The full set of new sails on the Horsey Wind Pump

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First night nibbles and drinks