The Gislingham Silver Band at Walsham Le Willows, Suffolk - 26th August 2019

Seemingly minutes after we're back from holiday, Nosher and Fred are playing in the Gislingham Silver Band at a summer fete in nearby Walsham Le Willows

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Fred gets issued an actual band jacket

Some plant sales

Inside the village hall

The vicar serves some tea, and it doesn't get any more summer fete than that

Fred's got cake; Harry's got pooPad

The strangeness of a door high up in a wall

Isobel in the village hall

The band packs up after the gig in a carpark

Milling around outside the Walsham village memorial hall

The Street, Walsham-le-Willows

A nice old house on The Street

Fred walks along with his new jacket

More of The Street

St. Mary's Church, Walsham

The Six Bells pub - it's not clear whether it's closed down or what

People hang around at the Suffolk Wildlife Trust tent

A nice view of St. Mary's Church

A load of bees in a glass-sided bee hive

The nave of St. Mary's Church

There's an art exhibition going on

The church has a nice organ

Harry looks around with his hand-based telescope

A nice church roof

Harry gets a look at the bees

Back home, Isobel checks out her latest box of chocolates

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Fred gets issued an actual band jacket