Travels in the Borderlands: An Blaic/Blacklion to Belcoo and back, Cavan and Fermanagh, Ireland - 22nd August 2019

This whole trip marks Nosher's first time crossing the border into Northern Ireland, and despite not having been there at the time, as a child of the 1970s and 80s it's hard not to recall the Troubles. Which is why it's all the more surprising how the border really isn't there anymore, save for the automatic change from mph to km/h on the satnav and the occasional reminder of the same on speed-limit signs. However, that more than anything seems to bring home just how much of a big deal the whole Brexit shambles is, because to lose that - with towns and villages literally a stone's throw away facing the thought of finding themselves with border checkpoints to deal with again - really is a big deal. Anyway, this trip around the borderlands of Cavan to Fermanagh came about after the trip down from Derry via Enniskillen, where a particularly good derelict house is spotted with an actual tree growing out of its front window. However, time pressures of having to be somewhere else for a particular thing to occur - twice - mean a special trip is required in order to actually visit it, the other border places, and sites of quintessential Irish rural dereliction on the way back to Manorhamilton. After all of that, we host a mass dinner for the whole tribe, and then it's time to go home.

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A church on the way to Enniskillen

An epic derelict house on the A4 Sligo Road

The house is largely consumed by foliage

There's a tree growing out of the front upstairs window

Inside the derelict house

Wires dangle through a hole in the ceiling

A shed in the garden is slowly taken over by plants too

The closed-down petrol station bit of Carrigan Brothers 4x4 dealership on the A4 outside Belcoo

Lough Macnean Lower

Anti-Brexit sign in Belcoo

An old dude casually walks between Belcoo, UK and Blacklion, Ireland

A couple of pink ladies walk along the Belcoo River

Looking back from An Balic into Belcoo, where the only border is the speed-limit sign

Another anti-Brexit poster in Belcoo

Amusing cow sculptures for sale

The closed-down Noel Keegan offices, being let out by Noel Keegan

Blacklion High Street

The semi-derelict Fitz-Patrick's in An Blaic

An old dude hangs around on the street corner

Another house with a tree growing out of its chimney

Lough Macnean Upper

Some children are actually swimming around in the rain

The rock says: 'Imagine an island where all could live in peace: make it real'

The sadly-derelict National School outside Glenfarne

Echoes of the lives that once were in the derelict school

The misty hills near Glenfarne

A lane with grass up the middle and a 'go mall' sign

Another visit to the legendary Rainbow Ballroom of Glenfarne

Derelict hut outside Glenfarne

Another derelict house in Glenfarne

The closed-down Ketty's Bar and Lounge

The closed-down Keany's B&B and lounge bar

Keany's Lounge and Bar, established in 1850 but now shut. A sad sign o' the times

The clan in the kitchen of Number 2 W8

There's a mingling in the kitchen

The children hang around like the teenagers they're going to be in a few years

Louise digs in

Baby Ra-ra has some pasta

It's time to eat

Fred scoops Rachel up and hauls her around

Nosher and Ra-ra

The family massive

Harry concentrates on getting his coat on

A family photo is assembled

Fred and Fern are taking it seriously with fake vampire teeth

Nosher's even in this one, thanks to a timer

Harry with a strawberry-lace moustache

Fred takes some more photos

An aerial view

Fred gets some snaps of Ra-ra

Fred shows something on the phone

There's a bit of guitar action

The W8 lounge

At Dublin Port, there's a load of Italian bikers waiting for the ferry

We're at the head of a pretty big queue of cars

On the fast ferry

The ferry opens its doors at Holyhead

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A church on the way to Enniskillen