The woods at Florence Court

The woods at Florence Court

Isobel closes a wooden gate

Fred roams around with Camera B

The ornamental gardens are a bit on the soggy side

Harry stands by a Brigham four-in-hand buggy

Isobel roams around the courtyard

The boys play chess in the Captain's room

Isobel reads the papers as the boys play chess

Fred looks about

A window out onto the gardens

A teddy bear on an armchair

We get an introduction to the house from the guide

Walking along a collonaded path

A pair of cannon point out into the grounds

The front lawns

Fred's feet on top of the Ha-ha wall

We start the tour at the front door

Back in the courtyard

In the National Trust shop

The Rainbow Ballroom in Glenfarne

Impressive views of waterfalls on the Sligo road

Fred looks out over the valley

The ruins of Sligo Abbey

Sligo Abbey's tower

A small stone detail

Stone columns

More stone carvings in Sligo Abbey

A derelict and very wonky house

A Sligo back street

A weeping angel

A boarded up shop is an advert for an arts festival

It's hectic on O'Connell Street, Sligo

A dude plays the banjo on a street corner

O'Connell Street in Sligo

An empty shop with a hint of 1920's tiling

More cool old tiles

The 1901 Post Office on Lower Knox Street

The Garavogue River

The Knox Street Bridge

The Glasshouse, and a bit of the Yeats Building

Another bridge over the Garavogue on Bridge Street

Bridge Street

Pigeon feature

The footbridge over the Garavogue

Some backstreet graffiti

The wreck of a former night club

A statue of Jesus on a wall

Some fine carvings on a church

A malevolent-looking bishop leers from a wall

A building is being demolished at Clayton Hotel

Destroyed building and a pile of fibreglass

We're on the stairs to nowhere

The unused car park at W8 is open for some reason

Harry roams around

Teapot Lane in Manorhamilton

Some old carved stone sign

Fred oozes ennui out of the pizza-shop window

Apache Pizza in Manorhamilton

We see Noddy walking down Main Street

Harry - Gappy McGap-Face - and Isobel in Ósta

Ósta's restaurant

The old sculpture centre and off-licence

A modern toilet on an old drained floor

Noddy's on tin whistle in Connolly's Bar

It's very retro in Connolly's

Isobel and Noddy at the bar

Outside the legend that is Connolly's

Another Manorhamilton pub - The Milestone

Jak's Casino doesn't look like it's very happening

The Proclamation of the Irish Republic on a wall

The mystery of McMorrow Meats

Isobel and Noddy head back to W8