Mullaghmore Beach, Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo, Ireland - 19th August 2019

We head out to another beach - this time at Mullaghmore. Although the weather's variable, with a mixture of lashing, sun and some "soft day, thank God" kind of stuff, the beach itself is fantastically wide and empty, and even has horses galloping on it, just like an advert for a bank or something

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The wide expanse of beach at Mullaghmore

Boats on the sea, with a wall of rain in the background

Big sky

Isobel and the gang are as dots on the beach

More roaming around

Fred finds a well-preserved dead fish

Fern races to catch up

Fred picks something up

Noddy and Louise appear

Harry runs around like a lunatic

Some horses go out for a gallop

More galloping

Eadweard Muybridge would have been impressed

Harry stumps around on the sand

Footprints on the beach

A couple and dog walk around as the weather closes in

Boats in the harbour

Fred and Fern run past

A house painted to look like the sea

Mullaghmore harbour

A derelict boat

In the restaurant

Harry on a bollard

The gang outside the BH Hotel

The horses from the beach trot past

Some sort of derelict boatyard

Fred and Fern on the rocks

Evelyn rinses off some hands

A last look at Mullaghmore beach

A road to somewhere

The silent sorrow of empty boats on Lough Glenade

Isobel and Harry on the pier at Lough Glenade

Poetry saved someone's life at Lough Glenade

The concrete jetty and Lough Glenade

Louise reads a sign

Isobel and the gang

There's a rainbow over W8

Another view of the derelict café in Manorhamilton

Noddy in SuperValu, with a bag of Tayto and a Brennan's Family Pan loaf

Ósta restaurant and the painted building

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The wide expanse of beach at Mullaghmore