Glencar Waterfall and Parke's Castle, Kilmore, Co. Leitrim, Ireland - 18th August 2019

It's a day of exploring the local area, as we head over to nearby Glencar Waterfall with the "Loudies". After that, we split up and continue on to Parke's Castle - a nice, er, castle, on the banks of Lough Gill. Then we all meet up at Philly and Davida's for a mass dinner of roast lamb, and finally - thanks to Evelyn doing the babysitting - the adults get a night out in a couple of Manorhamilton pubs - Biddy's and Market Bar

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The venue for Fred's open-mic - An Caifé Bia Sláinte

On the opposite side of the road is a rather more derelict café

We assemble at the car park at Glencar Lough

A couple of dudes try some fishing on Glencar Lough

The dramatic hills surrounding the lough

Glencar Waterfall

Fern and Lua

The leafy glades of Glencar waterfall

Harry inspects a sign

A bridge over troubled water

The sign on the road is fairly direct

Isobel queues up for ice cream

It looks a bit dark over at Will's mother's

Glencar Lough

Fern and the boys mess around

On the way to Parke's Castle, we pass a cool derelict house

At Parke's Castle there some kind of vintage vehicle meet-up

A Beetle, old Merc and a Morris leave the car park

Harry walks through the castle entrance

Inside Parke's Castle

Harry's at the well

Isobel roams around

Lough Gill

In Parke's Great Hall, a couple of harp players do some practice

Fred inspects some insects with a magnifying glass

The harp players keep on practicing

Parke's Castle

Evelyn and Da Wheeze are having a coffee at Ósta café

Harry climbs the steps

Baby Ra-ra roams around

Outside Philly's house

Philly and Rachel

A cat in the long grass

Isobel has a go on the rope swing

Cat in a box

The boys in the kitchen

It's packed in Philly and Davida's kitchen

The children eat first

Philly winds up his old gramophone

A small brass deity

Outside the old shed

A rescued oil lamp

Nick has got a big stick

Noddy looks surprised

There's a party in the back of the car

Rachel pretends to drive

Hanging out in the car

Fred makes some cake icing

A broken window

There's a discarded sparkly dinosaur in the barn

More of the guff left behind by the previous resident

A collection of old light bulbs

A tangle of barbed wire

Isobel and siblings

Da Wheeze, Haryana and Isobel in Biddy's Bar

Lots of posters in Biddy's Bar

Noddy on Main Street

Haryana and James have a dance outside Market Bar

James and Louise in The Market Bar, as Bobby Sands' brother plays music in the background (true)

Market Bar's stained glass window

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The venue for Fred's open-mic - An Caifé Bia Sláinte