The venue for Fred's open-mic - An Caifé Bia Sláinte

The venue for Fred's open-mic - An Caifé Bia Sláinte

There's a more derelict café across the road

We assemble at the car park at Glencar Lough

A couple of dudes try some fishing on Glencar Lough

Sheep in a field

The dramatic hills surrounding the lough

Glencar Waterfall

Fern and Lua

The leafy glades of Glencar waterfall

Harry inspects a sign

A bridge over troubled water

The sign on the road is fairly direct

Isobel queues up for ice cream

It looks a bit dark over at Will's mother's

Glencar Lough

Fern and the boys mess around

A derelict house on the way to the castle

There some kind of vintage vehicle meet-up

A Beetle, old Merc and a Morris leave the car park

Harry walks through the castle entrance

Inside Parke's Castle

Isobel roams around

Harry's at the well

A collection of horseshoes

A nice model of the castle

Lough Gill

In the Great Hall, some harp players practice

Fred inspects some insects with a magnifying glass

The harp players keep on practicing

Parke's Castle

Evelyn and Da Wheeze are having a coffee at Ósta café

Harry climbs the steps

Baby Ra-ra roams around

Outside Philly's house

Philly and Rachel

A cat in the long grass

Isobel has a go on the rope swing

Cat in a box

The boys in the kitchen

It's packed in Philly and Davida's kitchen

The children eat first

Fern sticks her hand up

Philly winds up his old gramophone

Philly's gramophone

A small brass deity

Outside the old shed

A salt cellar on a windowsill

A rescued oil lamp

Nick has got a big stick

Noddy looks surprised

There's a party in the back of the car

Rachel pretends to drive

Hanging out in the car

Fred makes some cake icing

A broken window

Another view of the oil lamp on a table

There's a discarded sparkly dinosaur in the barn

More of the guff left behind

A collection of old light bulbs

A tangle of barbed wire

Isobel and siblings

Louise is at the bar in Biddy's

Da Wheeze, Haryana and Isobel in Biddy's Bar

Lots of posters in Biddy's Bar

Noddy on Main Street

Haryana and James have a dance outside Market Bar

Bobby Sands' brother plays music in the background

James and Louise in The Market Bar

Market Bar's stained glass window