Open Mic Night, Manorhamilton, Leitrim, Ireland - 17th August 2019

We finally make it to Manorhamilton, or Cluainín, roughly a week since the ferry from Holyhead. When we get there, the first mission is to figure out where Philly and Davida actually are, and then to find somewhere to stay, as our place in the W8 complex isn't ready until the next day. After a fraught couple of hours, Isobel scores a couple of rooms in a local B&B. The next day, after we're set up in our actual house/apartment for the week, we visit the castle café and then an art exhibition at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre. Then, there's an open mic night at a nearby café, so Fred gets his flute and Irish piccolo out and does a session.

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previous album: A Postcard From: Derry, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland - 15th August 2019

Breakfast at our overnight B&B in Manorhamilton

The view from the B&B bedroom window

The boys pack up their stuff

The boys find a cat down at Philly and Davida's place

A cat on a wheelbarrow

Faith takes us to the river

At the river

The new house

The view from the back

The previous owner has left tons of stuff behind

Faith, Harry and Fern run about in the barn

Fern and Fred

Faith and Fern

The derelict original house, in the grounds

Isobel walks around with Rachel

The house on the hill

A family photo

Back in Manorhamilton, we find a small outdoor market and buy some stuff

Rachel eats some Cheerios

Our apartment block in Manorhamilton's W8

Bits of the apartment site are somewhat unfinished

A nearby office building is a document of unfinished work

Isobel and Rachel - Baby Ra-ra

Baby Rachel on a wall

Milling around outside our apartment

Fern on the fountain outside Ósta

A massive flower and robin mural

We head off down the back alleys of Manorhamilton

Main Street, Manorhamilton

The kids are waiting for us

A derelict house on Castle Street, near the Owenbeg River

Random junk in someone's yard, Castle Street

Isobel's got coffee

The children mess around in a knotty sculpture

The castle, on Sráid an Chaistleáin

Upstairs in the castle café

Davida tries out Fred's piccolo

Philly reads a book

The legendary Connoly's bar on Castle Street

An old Wills's Caps sign

The gang roam around in the Leitrim Sculpture Centre

Harry looks at some art

Harry inspects a sculpture

Thompson's service station on the N16 New Line

The Leitrim Sculpture Centre

Shops on New Line

A close-up of Thompson's petrol pump

The gang walk down the street

We walk along a back alley back to Main Street

The original location of the Leitrim Sculpture Centre on Main Street

T. A. Golden shop sign

An abandoned office chair in the derelict T. A. Golden shop

Fred climbs the steps in W8

The carton of salt says 'arse'

The dude running the open mic night sets Fred up with a microphone

Fred plays some Molly Malone

Fred's on his Irish piccolo

The open mic crowd watch the action

Noddy's in the house

Rachel points

The counter of the café

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Breakfast at our overnight B&B in Manorhamilton