The bar, with air-conditioning and everything

The bar, with air-conditioning and everything

Isobel by the paellera

Isobel adds tomatoes to the paella

Meanwhile, Fred's sorting out a back-room playlist

The paella gets some fresh rosemary added

Millie the Mooch - Invisible Cat - lolls around

Isobel and Fred

Millie looks around

Fred gives Millie a stroke

Isobel pokes the paella

The boys and Isobel have a go at table tennis

Guests start arriving

The Brome Swan massive

Grandad roams around in the dining room

Jill gets some grub

On the patio

More mingling

Wavy chats

Table tennis and garden chatting

The pub gang chat

On the top floor of St. Andrew's car park

Isobel and Harry on Exchange Street

Harry assembles his Pizza Express hat

Harry in St. Benedict's Pizza Express

Harry behind an iron pillar

Harry climbs around

A new restaurant is fitted out

Harry at the top of St. Benedict's

The top of the car park is strangely deserted