Isobel gets the drinks in

Isobel gets the drinks in

Anita points at Harry

Alex chats to Mario

Alex and Isobel

In the Oaksmere conservatory

Anita in the conservatory

Anita reads a card

Harry shows off his Ben 10 watch

The barman makes a mocktail

Flower petals are added

Lilly's mocktail is ready

Time for a chat

Fred starts on some Origami

Fred makes a couple of origami pigs

Alex does more mingling

Anita has a giggle

Some children play cards

It's all action in the conservatory

Harry roams around outside in the rain

Alex chats

Harry looks like a startled rabbit

More conversation

Fred shows how to make something

Harry comes in out of the rain

Isobel makes one of her trademark origami frogs

Anita chats to Harry, who's drying off

Lilly does some chatting

More conversation

Isobel and Fred play a game of tumbling monkeys

Harry and Lilly