Crowds mingle around in the sun

Crowds mingle around in the sun

There's some funky jazz on

Funky jazz on stage

Pouring a pint

Jimmy talks to someone

A dog looks up eagerly

There's a product demo of electric motorbikes

There's a mazzive queue for a food van

People head off to the amphitheatre

The actors are in some sort of pre-amble

The audience assembles

There's an introduction to the play

Some acting occurs

The cast take applause at the end of the play

The cast is beamed into space

Rob Huckfield's on guitar

Mick the Baker

The sax player roams around

Rob does more twanging

Mick gets up to Rob's guitar

The crowd is loving it

Mick the Baker talks to the crowds

Rob and the sax player

The sax player returns from a tour of the audience

Mick looks up

Mick the Baker on backing Spanish guitar

Mick has a laff

The sax dude plays two horns at once

More crowd adulation

Fred is absorbed by the band

One of the actors gives some adulation

Outside, there's an empty tent doing nothing

The next morning, Isobel sits in a camp chair

Isobel by the van

The van in a Star Wing field

Redgrave church of St. Mary's

Gravestones lean on the church wall

Isobel walks back with bacon sarnies

Fred legs it back from the tap room