Kelling Camping and the Potty Morris Festival, Sheringham, North Norfolk - 6th July 2019

The Van is definitely getting good use this year as we're out once again, this time to Kelling Heath campsite - one that's not exactly cheap, but easily has the best facilities of any campsite in the area, including - to the joy of the boys - an on-site stone-baked pizza emporium. The campsite, as well as being in a particularly pictureque part of North Norfolk, is also adjacent to the North Norfolk Railway, and so we get the steam train from Kelling Halt into Sheringham, where it happens to be the "Potty Morris Festival" of Morris dancing, complete with lots of Hip-Hop-style Morris battles going on in the streets. Then, on Sunday, Nosher heads back early via train and bike, starting from Kelling Halt. It didn't turn out to be the steam train as hoped, but an old-enough two-coach Diesel Multiple Unit rumbles up to the halt. It goes from Kelling to Sheringham, where the Morris thing is still occuring, and from there it's a regular crappy Sprinter to Norwich, and after that - keeping up the vintage railway thing as they're about 30 years old - it's an inter-city Class 90 to Diss, and finally a 2.5 mile bike ride back home. Epic.

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We head off to the club house

Fred plays Spit again as Harry looks on

The boys run around with excitement from the pizza place

Time for pizza

It's a bit wet as we wander to Kelling Halt station

Waiting for trains in the rain

Isobel teaches the 'owl hoot' thing

The kids flag down the train, as it's a request stop

The little train pulls in

The driver looks back

Fred points around in the Mark 1 TSO coach

An engineer chats to the platform staff at Sheringham Station

Number 564 0-6-0 light engine at Sheringham

Train drivers and steam

Engine 564 steams away

On Sheringham's Fore Street, there's a dude with a small owl

The watchful eyes of an owl

There's a hint of 'The Handmaid's Tail' about these Morris dancers

There's a dance-off going down

Some Morris lads have a beer

The boys look forlornly through the window of a closed-down model shop

Some very purple Morris dancing occurs

A nice retro mural on the chip shop wall

The site of the legendary Sheringham Sink Hole

Dancing with sticks

The actual Jeremy Corbyn is on accordion (not really)

A dance concludes

Green feathery dancers

There's an actual bassoon in the Morris band

More stick action

Green face paint and pheasant feathers

We have fish and chips down on the promenade

The gang sit on a painted sea wall

Brutalist concrete wall, and a very derelict café in the background

Sheringham's sea defences

Fred and Alice scale the sea wall

Messing with sabre-tooth tigers

Harry pauses for a drink, under Sheringham's new branding - 'twixt sea an pine

It's hard to tell what's real and what's painted

A fisherman hauls his boat in

The fisherman's slipway at Sheringham

There's a cool male voice choir thing going on

The children stand on a railing

Harry and Isobel in a 1960s concrete shelter

Harry looks out to sea

Rusty nails in a beach hut

Running around like lunatics

One man and his dog

One the sea wall again

Harry looks up at the others, as he can't climb up

Some nice rust going on

There's a good crowd still watching the singing

The band does its thing

A lone Morris plays drums outside Sainsbury's

Isobel chooses a festival hat from Starling's newsagents

A Morris dancer with shiny gold shades and lots of green

There's a puppy in a pram

The sad sight of shut-down model shop

Sheringham is packed

Some Dennis the Menace Morris dancers

A very risque greengrocer

A vintage Routmaster bus, in wedding ribbons, pulls into the station car park

A nice old vintage ECW coach loads up for an excursion

D6732 - the ancient Diesel loco now known as a Class 37 - waits a Sheringham

Fred points to some spare seats

The boys are excited to get an actual 'Harry Potter' compartment in an FK Mark 1 coach

The cab of D6732

Vulcan Riders are out on display

Alice sticks her head out of the compartment

Harry looks sad

Weybourne station - site of the 'King's Train' episode of Dads Army

Theother platform at Weybourne

The conductor sees us off as we return to Kelling Heath

Rings of rain on the pond

Fred inspects an epic bug hotel

Some kind of bee does its thing

We have a barbeque

Harry does some of his Ninja moves on the barbeque

Harry in a tree

Fred waves whilst up a tree

The kids do marshmallows on a stick

A very bold pigeon pokes around

The next morning is sunnier

The view of the wind turbines out to sea

A steam train heads up to Weybourne Station from Sheringham

Nosher's two-coach DMU trundles up the line from Holt

In the old-school guard's van

It's full house on the train

The 1959 Diesel DMU at Sheringham

There's more purple Morris going on in Sheringham town centre

Hankerchief Morris

Down at the 'other' Sheringham Station - it's far more utilitarian

There's another vintage loco of sorts: a 1990 Class 90 intercity

One of GA's brand-new Stadler FLiRTs is at Crown Point depot

The Tarmac depot near Trowse Bridge

Derelict warehouse in Trowse

'Shook' graffiti

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We head off to the club house