The bunting's out on Mere Street

The bunting's out on Mere Street

A view up Mere Street

People mill around by the town sign

The Market Place in Diss

Boots and Holland & Barrett

The boys spend their pocket money in Poundland

The Narket Place starts to fill up

Little dog, big dog

Fred and Harry

Looking back up Mere Street

The crowds start to build up

Spammy wanders past

The carnival procession arrives

The town mascot - a duck called Dinsdale

Funky shades

Vibe City Street Brass band march past

An army cadet with a collecting bucket

Even the olds get wheeled out

An inflatable dinosaur and a green Lambourghini

A couple of cave-people in stilts

More cave-people posing

Isobel's choir go by

Invidia Voices stop for a photo

The dude on his flowery bicycle

A quite-convincing dinosaur works the crowds

Blue dinosaur on Mere Street

White Van dinosaur

A John Deere tractor from Flax Farm trundles past

Some children have made their own dinosaur costumes

Harry and Fred hang around

The Jungle Body dance/fitness group

There's a golden streamer explosion

There's a gorilla on the loose

A vintage David Brown tractor

A fake beard looks almost real

Another David Brown tractor

The Girl Guides wave at people

A view from outside Boots

There's a foam explosion

The foam float moves along towards Mere Street

The Blood Transfusion team on Mere Street

Plenty of leopard-skin costumes

A funky rainbow-covered funeral car drives past

Some majorettes do their thing

Harry gets a free-sweet hand-out

A fireengine makes a lot of noise as it drives by

The mayor of Diss, Councillor Sonia Browne

A large crowd follows the procession to the park

The girls trail golden ribbon around town

We feed the children a quality tea of chips

Megan's on the phone

Fred, Alice and Harry outside the post office

The market place and Market Hill are quiet again

Dipple and Conway have got into the spirit

A view of the park

We check out the Mere

Anna, Fred and Grace in the park

A giant Fred Flintstone floats around

Dinsdale works the crowds

Andy Sausage serves a rozzer

Pat 83's decorated quad bike is parked up

Quad bike and the Mere

There's some sort of Army Cadet presentation

A bunch of purple ladies

A doughnut shop, at £1.50 a pop, does a good trade

Alice is all hair as she hurtles down the slide

Fred boings into the air

Harry comes out of some sort of hall of mirrors

Fire engine kit

The gang do some sort of Disney-themed haunted house

Fred's in a bungee

Fred rides a small triceratops

Fred desperately tries to cling on to a rodeo bull

The dino-eats-lawyer scene from Jurassic Park

The polizei keep an eye on things

A fire engine is opened up

A small child tries on a rozzer's hat

The vintage tractors are parked up

Someone's had a garage fire on Elizabeth Way in Eye

The G-Unit roams around Chandos House in Eye

Fred in a WWII gun emplacement in Chandos House

A nice cottage on Victoria Hill

Fred roams around in a small stumpery

Some sort of (fake?) mediaeval wall in Chandos House

Fred and Harry

Harry's got some candy floss

Chandos House and garden

Stone lettering on an old school

A lovely old roadster on Lambseth Street

A vintage bus stops by the equally-vintage Eye bus stop

There's a cool old Mustang parked up on Church Street