A Return to Haytor, Bovey Tracey, Devon - 27th May 2019

We return to Haytor, just outside Bovey Tracey, for a walk and an ice cream. The last time we were there was back in 2012, when Harry was still a baby, stuck to Nosher in a Baby Bjőrn. The next day, we pick Grandma J up and head over to yet another café - this time the Café 3 Sixty, which is built into a converted garage, but now styled as a cycling place, with lots of bikes around and people dressed in lycra. Then, we're off on the 350 mile trip back to Suffolk.

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previous album: Chagford Lido and the Tom Cobley, Spreyton, Devon - 26th May 2019

The gardener at Mother's place has bought their dog along

We get a photo with a borrowed golden retriever

Harry and Fred on the rocks

Harry shouts at the wind

It's not Molly Mac's, but there's still an ice cream van braving the elements

We head off up the tor

Harry roams around

The boys do a bit of climbing

Fred and Harry run up to the higher bit of the tor

We end up hanging out with some actual climbers

People climb over the tor like ants

Harry pushes into the wind

A murky Dartmoor view

Harry and Fred are in a rock shelter

The rocks are an interesting metamorphic composite

Isobel takes a photo

People walk around

Harry is wind-swept

Fred in some rocks

Another view of Dartmoor

Harry in his Mountain Warehouse coat

We head back down to the car park

Isobel's hair is whipped around in the fierce wind

The boys do some posing

Harry and Fred enjoy messing around

It's time for an ice cream

We march around with ice creams

A couple of black cows munch the grass

On the way back from Bovey, there's a derelict cottage

There's a field of sheep next to Mother's house in Spreyton

There's a nice sunset view towards the Taw Valley

Back in Bovey, there's a comment about the lack of progress on the community centre

The gang roam around on Fore Street

We wait to cross the road

A tandem bike cycles past

An old garage now just sells cars

A tap in a glavanised tank

Fred and Isobel do menus

Café 3 Sixty

Fred looks puzzled

Walking back to the car park

The hotel has a butler statue outside

Harry and Grandma J

Fred gets a hug

The library room

We make a wee stop at services on the M4

Nosher's back at work, but at least Kokodoo Korean van is in Sheldon Square

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The gardener at Mother's place has bought their dog along