The Caves of Nerja, and Frigiliana, Andalusia, Spain - 18th April 2019

We get an early-ish start at the Cuevas de Nerja, which is just as well as by the time we exit the impressive caves, the place is heaving and the ticket queues are ten times as long as they were. After that, we drive up into the mountains to the attractive town of Frigiliana

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Isobel checks her phone

The boys play with Harry's plastic transformer

An impressive column in the caves

Some more stalactite action

Another part of the cave

There's a sense of scale when seeing people milling around

Places with light are suffering from 'the green disease'

Harry and Isobel exit the cave

Harry and Isobel on a road bridge

The Acueducto del Águila, 19th Centrury but built in the Roman style

Some sort of derelict building

The view from the car park in Frigiliana

Harry looks to buy something

Fred checks out how much is in his purse

The boys have a swing around

Tourist coaches and the mini train

Fred plays an ocharina, which he bought of the market-stall dude

Blankets and South American stuff

A view from the tourist train

Funky tiled sign

We're constantly amused to see actual orange trees

The train stops by this impressive gorge

Frigiliana street scene

Isobel and Fred go up to check out the tapas in Bandolero

We stuff our faces with tapas

The gang pose outside the Bandolero

Climbing up steps soon becomes a bit of a 'thing'

The derelict sugar-cane factory

The remains of an industrial past

Harry grows weary of climbing up steps

Harry watches a little theatrical peep-hole thing, and gets sprayed with water

Harry finds it most amusing

A stocky, stripey, ginger cat

We climb all the way up to the top of the town, where there's a great view

The boys find another cat

Isobel on a wall, one or two hundred metres above the town

A fearless cat stands on a wall

Amusing cacti on a windowsill

Fred plays his ocharina again

The whitewashed streets of Frigiliana

There's yet another cat - it's the land of cats

We stop for some cheese and pastries

Back at the apartment, the boys return to their 'Lego Movie'

We say hello to Mini, the sort-of-resident cat

We wander down to 'lower Capistrano'

Time for a drink in the very ex-pat Cave Bar

On the long walk back to the Capuchinos

We stop off for a beer in our 'regular establishment' - La Parra

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Isobel checks her phone