Our purple FlyBe Embraer plane awaits

Our purple FlyBe Embraer plane awaits

Harry roams the tarmac at Norwich airport

Isobel and Fred head onto the Embraer 195

On the aircraft steps

Harry does one of his fake smiles

Fred and Nosher

We wait around for a shuttle bus

The boys are bored

The boys play leap-frog on the concrete bollards

A first view from the apartment

Harry's up in the morning

We play cards on the terrace

Fred and Nosher play 'spit'

The boys down on the pavement

We get introduced to Mini the stringy cat

Harry looks at Mini the cat

Our apartment

Some of the winding passages

Fred and Isobel head off to the Supermercado

Harry buys some stuff

Tons of bougainvillea

Lots of stuff is 'sloightly on the huh'

We visit the local Supermercado

We pass the entertainingly-named 'Casa Flip Flop'

Isobel formally signs in for the apartment

Harry points at a fountain

The boys tentatively try out the sea

Fred gets buried

The boys hurl stones into the sea

The promenade at Playa Burriana

Harry on the beach

Harry's flaked out

The boys drink from a water fountain

Isobel shows something on her phone

Fred checks out the phone photo

Harry and Isobel in the 'Playa y Sol' restaurant

Fred makes a pizza-chip sandwich

We head back to the car

It's time to stock up at a nearby supermarket

On the travelator

The boys look around

Fred inspects some fish

Harry picks fluff out from his toes

Harry looks a bit 'meh' as he hangs on a trolley

Isobel looks back

Fred looks out from the balcony

Another view from the apartment

Fred tries out the freezing swimming pool

Harry's a bit wet

Harry and Fred walk up the steps to the apartment

We try out Terraza La Parra restaurant

Harry concentrates on some Lego

Harry and Fred work on their 'Lego Garmadon Movie'

Apartments by night

The apartment complex in the dusk

Walking up a terracotta pavement

Isobel visits Supermercado Lidon for extra supplies