Singing in John Lewis, Norwich, Norfolk - 13th April 2019

Isobel's choir - Invidia Voices - is doing one of those "nobody knows about it really" Flash Mob sort of things at John Lewis in Norwich, so we wander up to town for that, followed by a roam around St. Benedict's Street and a visit to Pizza Express. As it's Record Store day, Nosher sneaks out whilst the boys are eating ice cream to nip up the road to Sound Clash records, only to discover that the actual Sleaford Mods are in there doing a signing. Their latest vinyl "Eton Alive" has run out, but Nosher manages to score a signed copy of the earlier Austerity Dogs album.

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The choir does its thing in John Lewis

Isobel (more or less middle) does her thing

The boys wait around in the café for stuff to happen

Matt, the conductor, has moved up to the mezzanine, to do his, er, conducting

Expressive conducting

The full choir

Getting in to it

A bit of applause

After the choir, there's some sort of saxophone music going on

The church opposite John Lewis, at the top of Pottergate

Harry hangs around outside Primark, looking like some teenager

The 1930s stylings of John Lewis

When we return, the choir is doing its second session

Up above the streets and houses

Fred looks out over the rooftops

Nosher's old 'Jordan House' sign, painted in around 1991, is still there on St. Benedict's

A bit of graffiti love

The view out of Pizza Express's window

Life on St. Benedict's

Isobel slices up our shared pizza

It's the actual Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods do some poster signing

It's nice to see that some records shops are surviving in an age of throw-away streaming

Cherry blossom at the bottom of St. Gregory's Alley

The boys dance around at the top of St. Benedict's Street

The boys run up the ramp to St. Andrew's car park

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The choir does its thing in John Lewis