Harry's on the 2p Shove machines

Harry's on the 2p Shove machines

Harry feeds the machine

Fred on the arcade games

Hanging around outside the bogs

Matt and Sis outside the Beach Café

Isobel does the 2p machines

Sis looks up

Matt has a go with the 2p machines

A stack of colourful spades

Walking along the promenade at Southwold

On the beach

The children mess around on the beach

Harry stares at the sea

The boys on a wooden stump

Fred's on the top of a wooden stump

Fred and Harry run along the sea wall

Fred leaps off the promenade

Sis looks out over the beach

Fred does more jumping

Harry takes on the sea

The gang on the sea wall

Harry digs in the sand

Isobel, Sis and Matt on the beach

Blue door with a pink towel hanging on it

At the ice cream shed

Isobel looks around as we queue for ice cream

Harry's got a 99

Harry and Isobel

A snog on the beach, as a kite flies around

Fred leaps off another wall

Sis does an exercise machine

A dude in a cap looks out to sea

Harry on the exercise equipment

Fred's flaked out on the skate ramp

Matt roams around

Some abandoned seaside stuff

Harry runs after Isobel in Hoxne

Cherry blossom

The Street in Hoxne

Fred plays with Lego in Sis's rented house

Isobel has a cup of coffee

Hoxne village centre

Fred roams around