Devon In A Day, Exeter, Devon - 14th March 2019

Nosher flies down to Exeter for a day to see Grandma J, who's ended up in hospital. Then, Grandad moves his stuff in to his new flat, and Fred's in the school production.

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Outside Norwich Airport, there's a BAE Hawk

Some purple passengers head to the plane

Embarcation on an Embraer

There's a whole stack of mystery aircraft on the airport perimeter

The old Horsham St. Faith's control tower

A small aircraft museum, including a Nimrod and a Vulcan bomber

Some old WWII airfield, with its main runway still in active use

The green fields of Devon

Exeter airport: it's been raining, coz it's Devon

A fire engine

The loneliness of the empty bar

A DeHavilland Dash-8 at Exeter

Funky clouds

Eye Airfield from 8,000 feet or so

Eye Airfield, a bit of Diss, and the coastline in the distance

Diss and Eye Airfield

The wetlands near Cantley sugar refinery

Looking out to the Norfolk coast and Great Yarmouth

Interesting waterways

On the broads

Over at Grandad's, Harry clings on to a sofa cushion as he hauls it inside

Isobel carries in another cushion

Wavy's trailer, which hauled over a sofa from Attleborough

G-Unit and Harry

Grandad's old sofa,piled up outside his old pad

More discarded furniture

Fred plays flute in the school production of Jungle Book

The cast do a song

The finale of the Jungle Book

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Outside Norwich Airport, there's a BAE Hawk