Off to the Cinema Again, Norwich, Norfolk - 9th March 2019

Isobel's away, so Nosher and the boys head off to Norwich to see the Lego Movie 2

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Fred and Harry on the steps at Diss Station

Harry runs around

A line of cherry-picks down near Trowse Railway Bridge

Some derelict buildings and wasteland

Norwich is becoming the home of ancient Class 37 locos, including 37716

Another Class 37 - 37800 - that looks like it's been sponsored by Vauxhall

Harry and Fred do some moves

The boys in Pizza Hut

Harry does some sort of telescope

Harry's still telescoping near Norwich Railway Station

The Class 90 intercity pulls in from London

The boys does some sort of fencing with rolled-up posters

The boys on the train

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Fred and Harry on the steps at Diss Station