Innovation Week, Paddington, London - 27th February 2019

It's another Innovation Week down at the office in Paddington. Not only that, but it's also the warmest February days since records began

next album: The G-Unit Moves In, Eye, Suffolk - 4th March 2019
previous album: Packed Trains and the Diss Express, London and Suffolk - 24th February 2019

There's a bit of a queue for the German hot-dog dudes

A load of SwiftKey themes

The office is all about hacking this week

A cardboard cutout of Ben Medlock

Various SwiftKey pens dangle around in the museum

A selection of corporate apparel

An homage to the various times that SwiftKey has appeared in XKCD

People are actually sunbathing in Hyde Park in February

Serpentine Road in Hyde Park

Even the Pedalos are busy

Because February - an early spring day

The brutalist buildings near Castle Baynard and Lower Thames streets

The Royal Exchange in Bank

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There's a bit of a queue for the German hot-dog dudes