Isobel heads off to the ticket office

Isobel heads off to the ticket office

The old coastguard lookout

Harry hangs around outside the bogs with a dog

Comedy ladybird ornament on a shed

We stop for a quick picnic

The gang roam around in the NT picnic area

Dunwich Heath, looking towards Southwold

The coastguard lookout window

Fred and Harry go to see a rabbit

Fred on the heath

Sizewell power station

Roaming around on the heath

The gang disappear into the reeds

Fred draws a trail with a stick

Steps over the sea wall

The boys look into the pond

Fred's got a net, whilst Harry is held back

The pond dipping 'pope mobile'

Harry checks out a small fish

Isobel peers into her net

The boys inspect their haul

Fred shows off a thing

Aquatic stick insect and stickleback

Roaming the beach at Dunwich

Harry makes binoculars out of his hands

Fred pokes his stick into the beach

We wander off for a short walk around the heath

Harry and Isobel

Off into the woods

The boys find a geocache

Fred writes his name in the geocache book

Under a tree

Harry and Isobel in the woods

Nice trees and a blue sky

Fred on a carved mushroom

Harry stands on a wooden mushroom

The boys mess around in the logs

Nice green lichen on a stumpery

Bug Hunting No. 31

Harry leans back in a tree