A Trip to Dunwich Heath, Dunwich, Suffolk - 17th February 2019

Having been stuck at the house for the last two weekends on account of tidying up in order to get carpets fitted, it's nice to escape out again, this time to Dunwich Heath - a National Trust spot a mile or two past one of our favourite campsites at Cliff House. Whilst there, the boys get to do some pond dipping, where Fred has a particularly successful haul, fishing out an aquatic stick insect, stickleback fish and a water boatman

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The old coastguard lookout - now a National Trust shop and café

Harry hangs around outside the bogs, with a random golden retriever

Comedy ladybird ornament on a shed

We stop for a quick picnic

The gang roam around in the NT picnic area

Dunwich Heat, looking towards Southwold (in the distance)

Fred and Harry go to see a rabbit

Fred on the heath

Sizewell power station

The gang disappear into the reeds

Fred draws a trail with a stick

Steps over the sea wall

The boys look into the pond

Fred's got a net, whilst Harry is held back before he tips into the pond

The pond dipping 'pope mobile'

Harry checks out a small fish with one of the facilitators

Isobel peers into her net

The boys inspect their haul

Aquatic stick insect and stickleback

Roaming the beach at Dunwich

A brightly-coloured kite

Nice layers of gravel deposits from the last ice age

Harry makes binoculars out of his hands

Fred pokes his stick into the beach

We wander off for a short walk around the heath

Making dens

Harry and Isobel

Off into the woods

The boys find a geocache

Fred writes his name in the geocache book

Harry stands on a wooden mushroom

The boys mess around in the logs

Nice green lichen on a stumpery

Fred and Harry in a tree, m-e-s-s-i-n-g

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The old coastguard lookout - now a National Trust shop and café