A Night at the Fox Inn, Garboldisham, Norfolk - 9th February 2019

We have a night out at the Garboldisham Fox - a pub on the A1066 west of South Lopham which had been closed for years before re-opening as a community-run pub in 2017. There's a pizza van outside, and a folk band which supported the Whiskey Shivers at the Burston Crown last year is playing a (quiet) set. Before all of that, There's a bit of snow in the garden, and then Nosher gets held up on the way to work by the entire Household Cavalry trundling their way across Hyde Park Corner.

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Harry definitely needs a hair cut

Harry's in the chair again

Harry's excited by the overnight snow fall

The boys run around the garden

Fred, dressed like some sort of Arctic Ninja, builds a tiny snowman

Here comes the cavalry

Horses and gun carriages trundle into Hyde Park

A shiny field gun

The entire cavalry regiment heads off down South Carriage Drive, followed by the rozzers

On the way back, there's some sort of demo going on, which has led to a huge tail-back of taxis

It seems to be true what they say about seagulls coming inland during a storm

Fred and Isobel play Spit in the Garboldisham Fox

Fred teaches all the others how to play Spit

The Ludlam Pikes do their thing

Nice to see that the Fox is packed

The pizza van lurks outside

Harry does his own thing

We've cornered half the pub

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Harry definitely needs a hair cut